...listen for the sound as it all comes crashing down

14 June
So strange i remember you in protest of a prayer, and falling back from seas we fear to sail. i swear i saw the shooter gold teeth and a double dare. postmodern warnings seem inclined to fail. feigning an apology. those words never left your lips. those 5 years in bermuda slide by like the lights of passing ships. so strange that i remember you knee deep in nietzsche's lies. my throat was an open grave and i drank your stained glass eyes. and they taste like dead cathedrals that are crumbling beneath a weigth. ten thousand jaded tourists, who've traded in their hearts and hands for disposable cameras, set to document decay, set to capture just enough of life to catalogue the things we through away. breathing the fumes of our machines. we've lost our way, breathing through television dreams. if we could only see us now. the words of the dead ring in our ears, but it's only a lie. the voice in your head brings you to tears, but you don't know why. but it's only a lie, yes it's only a lie...isn't it?